In 1996, while at art college in England, I earned a little money by designing flyers for nightclubs and events. This work caught the attention of people working in the hospitality and fashion industries who asked me to create images and designs for them too. As my client list grew, I was able to start a photography and design business. After moving to Hong Kong in 2004, I set up a company and also began producing bespoke print publications for international luxury brands.

My business has been dedicated to photography in recent years. Having a background that includes graphic design and publishing is useful when making photographs for print and online publications as I can visualise the end use when framing the shots. My favourite photographic assignments are still the parties, events and shows that got me started in the industry over two decades ago.


Guest speaker at Savannah College of Art and Design (PHOT 319 - Developing a Photographic Aesthetic)

First Impressions exhibition at Little Square Gallery, Hong Kong, 2015